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3 Sales Tips for Selling at Events by Michelle Lochan

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Outdoor marketplaces and festivals provide great opportunities to meet new customers.

Festivals and markets draw specific customers that share similar interests in music, culture, cuisine and camaraderie. Attending the right events for your products will contribute to a successful day of sales.

Below are 3 tips that work to help draw customers to your booth and close the sale:

1. Create a customized sales pitch for the crowd

Have a short and sweet message that talks about your unique value proposition, what you offer and the benefits. Be bold and share your message with the key words that will grab the attention of people walking by and draw them towards you for more information.

2. Introduce your business to everyone.

The more people you talk to the greater the odds of making a sale. While someone is browsing the marketplace, break the ice by asking them if you can share some information about your new business. If people don’t feel obligated to buy, they are generally willing to stop and listen to support you, to learn and to decide their next action. Now it’s up to you to close the sale.

3. Have samples or takeaways

This is not a new concept but providing an opportunity to experience your product or service adds to the customer’s buying decision. You may only have their attention for a few seconds and a sample along with a good sales pitch will help seal the deal with the right customers. Having a memorable, non-perishable takeaway such as sealed goods, pens, business cards or stickers can help with repeat orders after the festival.

Happy Selling!

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