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Festival Management Committee /Toronto Caribbean Carnival 


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Toronto Carnival Colour Pallette_TCC_Log
  1. The vendor space application shall not become a binding contract between the Vendor and the Festival Management Committee (FMC) until the signing of the application form.

  2. All Vending Sales/Permits are final and, therefore, non-refundable. 

  3. Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to photocopy permits or truck passes. 

  4. Permits must be produced at the point of entry. Vendors without their permits will be denied entry. Security and Police will strictly control vendors’ entry. Vendors will be directed to their designated allocated areas. 

  5. Vendor’s Permits must remain on-site at all times (permit check). Vendors without permits and/or unable to produce them when requested will be removed from the vending area. 

  6. Vendors are allowed to park directly behind their tents. Applies to 10x10 & 20x20 tents only. 

  7. The FMC will provide each vendor with a parking permit to be placed inside the left-hand side of the windshield. Vehicles without this sticker THERE entry will not be allowed. 

  8. Vendors must provide containers to collect garbage generated from sales and ensure that their area is restored to its original state (free of garbage). Garbage bags may be left tied up on site for pick-up. 

  9. Vendors must provide clean containers and utensils for preparing and serving food. 

  10. Arts & Crafts merchandise cannot be sold in food booths/areas. Food cannot be sold in Arts & crafts booths/areas. 

  11. Hot dog carts must remain stationary. Hot dog vendors are allowed one cart.

  12. Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to sell food/perishable goods in a Water/Beverage Spot.

  13. The sale of Alcohol is prohibited. Any vendor found selling alcohol will be subjected to Police action, up to and including eviction. 

  14. All beverages sold must be in cans. No glass containers are allowed on the grounds. 

  15. Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to sell T-SHIRTS PROMOTING any FMC Events. 

  16. All barbecues should be operated at the back of the tent. (at least 3 ft. away)  Food Vendors MUST have a working fire extinguisher. 

  17. Vendors are not allowed to switch or remove numbers, Staking signs as this will result in removal from the Marketplace. 

  18. All food vendors are required to correspond with the Public Health Department. Public Health Department will periodically check vendors to ensure compliance with Safety Rules. 

  19. Vendors who are using a Prep-kitchen outside of the GTA will be required to provide an Inspection Report of the Prep-kitchen being used. (Vendors can get a copy of this Inspection Report directly from the Prep-kitchen). A copy of the Inspection Report must be provided to the FMC.  Until this report is provided, the vendor will NOT be approved by Toronto Public Health, thus unable to be a vendor at any of the FMC Events. 

  20. All vendors are responsible for obtaining their own Business Licenses and Liability Insurance, which MUST show FMC as the insured. This must be done in advance, and a copy must be sent to FMC Office. 

  21. The FMC will not be held responsible for third-party liability for the safety of food or merchandise sold. 

  22. Any Vendor who causes damage to Tents or FMC Property will be held liable, and a fine will be imposed. 

  23. No Vendor is allowed to remove any of the FMC tents; if caught, a fine will be imposed and banned from the festival. 

  24. Vendors are prohibited from providing their own music or sound system. 

  25. Police will assist FMC personnel in conducting spot checks for illegal items.   

  26. The FMC Marketplace Committee reserves the right to conduct such searches to ensure the safety of the patron’s vendors. Any vendor not wishing to be searched should withdraw from participation in the Vendors Marketplace.  

  27. All vendors choosing spots inside a beer tent, please note that children/ persons under 18 are not allowed in these booths/areas. 

  28. All vendors must have false flooring (e.g. ply, rubber puzzle pieces) to cover the ground area of the tent. Failure to do so will result in your booth being shut down by the public health inspectors and charged a fee. Please note: No Cardboard and flooring must be removed at the end of the event. 


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