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Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

When you talk to small business owners the number one topic of interest is money. Money is considered the lifeblood of business and keeping it steadily pumping is considered the real work.

This past month the BBEP has been covering financial literacy and money management for entrepreneurs in a real and comprehensive way. The curriculum has explained key terms and financial statements that businesses need to understand when preparing to approach funders for capital.

Entrepreneurs have gotten expert advice on tax planning, cash flow management, structuring their businesses, creating budgets, engaging banks and information on resources that they can access through broader business programs and services. Not to mention the insight shared amongst classmates who bring a wealth of lived experience.

In 2022 BBEP businesses earned a combined total revenue of approximately $1.5 million dollars. Black entrepreneurship is a growing force in economic development globally and the BBEP is proudly emerging as a leading resource and knowledge hub of the Black business in Canada.

Stay connected.

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