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How does the BBEP nurture entrepreneurs?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The Building Black Entrepreneurs program nurtures entrepreneurs in four mains ways: 1. Providing business management training 2. Supporting relationship-building 3. Exceptional client service and support 4. Creating business opportunities.

The BBEP achieves this by providing customized and culturally appropriate business management training including financial literacy and brand development through online classes with leading educators, business professionals and a personal support team; the staff of the BBEP.

This leads to relationships with industry experts who entrepreneurs can turn to for advice and access to new networks, resources and services for their individual businesses. The BBEP Symposiums and online or in-person events are designed to create relationship-building opportunities, enhance learning from the program, support the entrepreneurial mindset with great speakers and presenters, and highlight the importance of Black entrepreneurship.

The Staff of the BBEP pay attention to the entrepreneurs and design and deliver programming that meets the needs for each one's success and yet challenges participants to go further with their mindset and businesses.

Finally, The BBEP provides vending, marketing and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs to take the risk and put themselves and their businesses out to market.

This 10-month program runs from January to October.

The BBEP delivers 8 courses:

- Marketing - Business Law

- Financial Management - Technology

- Human Resources - Procurement

- Networking - Business Planning

Each course last for 4 weeks with 1.5 hours of instruction online per week and .5 hour of optional networking, group discussion and business advising.

Registration is open. Sign up today.

Please visit and follow us on IG for more details.

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