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Setting a Financial Goal

Every business has a number. No, I don't mean only a registration number but a total amount of money it needs to operate successfully each month. This number includes a salary for it's number one employee, you!

To run your business you need income to manage your personal monthly expenses and this is a good place to start when setting a financial goal.

You may have a full or part time job or other means of support but let's say you need a total of $5000.00 a month to cover personal and business expenses, let's look at how to break this down to an achievable goal.

GOAL: $5000.00

Now the way I work this out is first I assume I have 50 hours to work a week, this could include 40 hours at a full time job and 10 hours of business, nonetheless I have a total of 50 hours available to work.

First equation: 50 hours/week x 4 weeks in a month = 200 hours available for work a month

Second equation: $5000 goal/month

200 working hours/month = $25/hour

This means I would have to earn or charge $25.00/ hour and work 8.3 hours a day, 6 days a week, per month to make my goal of $5000.00.

The hourly rate of $25.00 is an example and can be changed. The number of hours and days per week can change. Even the goal can change to accommodate changes in work availability.

This also gives you an idea of how much you may want to charge for your product or service pricing to help you achieve your monthly goal. If you have other sources of income that will help you achieve your goal of $5000 per month, well that is even better!

What is your number?

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