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What happens after graduation from the BBEP?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Q: What happens after an entrepreneur achieves the Building Black Entrepreneurs Certificate of Completion awarded in partnership with George Brown College?

A: Our goal is to see more Black/Caribbean-owned businesses thriving and earning revenue year-round and ongoing support is crucial to achieve this goal. For successful participants, the BBEP provides:

  • Access to a network of academia and business professionals: including course instructors, guest speakers like Warren Salmon, Tanya Sam and Farley Flex and program partners such as GBC Fashion Exchange or Foodpreneur Labs. These relationships can add tremendous value to an emerging business.

  • A dedicated resource team with the staff of the BBEP including business advising

  • Access to the online course content, specialized webinars and events

  • Opportunities for marketing and sales through BBEP events and collaborations

  • New program and service additions

The Building Black Entrepreneur program recognizes that new and emerging businesses need support and guidance to thrive and we are committed to this!

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